Is Ear Candling Good Or Bad For You?

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Ear Candling -- You should always have another person when doing ear candling to prevent problems. In this article we will attempt to give a fair evaluation of an alternative treatment known as ear candling. For those of you who are not aware what ear candling is, we will give a brief description.

Ear candling requires that you insert a lighted, hollow candle into your ear. Yes, there is some reading this that don’t know about ear candling and may think this sounds wacky–stay with us!

The candle is made from beeswax and paper, and when lit, creates a vacuum that is thought to draw out “impurities” and excess earwax. It has been claimed that ear candling relieves tinnitus (ringing in the ears), sinus congestion, itchy ears,  headaches, swimmers’ ear, allergies, and infections.

The “impurities” or toxins are thought to be candida, pollen, microbes, and molds. Wax buildup is a real problem; the toxins are the other stuff of different consistency and colors.

Does Ear Candling  Work?

At our clinic we make no claims for ear candling, but recognize it is a phenomenon of the larger field of alternative medicine, and requires a different perspective to understand its worth. Our experience is that most people who try ear candling find it has value. Whether it does all that some practitioners and consumers say it does is debatable, but there is something to ear candling, and because people find help from it, the practice will continue.

What’s Good About Ear Candling?

Most people who experience ear candling find that their ears feel more “unblocked,” and open. There is often a sense that one can hear better. Usually there is a sense of relaxation and well being that occurs with ear candling. This type of subjective experience alone warrants further investigation. Many people claim that it helps sinus and ear infections. We’ll have to take their word for it.

Medical doctors don’t like ear candling. There is some heavy prejudice towards the practice. Almost every reference by any medical site says ear candling is dangerous, and could burst your ear drums.

We can say without any reservation that we have never heard of any one being harmed by this method.  It is repeated over and over by doctors this is “dangerous.” Unfortunately, regular medical thinking does not have a good track record for being fair in evaluating alternative medicine. They used to claim that Vitamin C was dangerous. It is likely that hearsay and misinformation is being repeated by otherwise well meaning individuals. Remember, pregnancy vitamins and probiotics were “unproven,” and suspect at one time.

The FDA believes ear candling doesn’t have any health benefits and have declared they should not be used for medical purposes. They state ear cones may not be promoted as being beneficial to a healthy body. Their stance is that ear candling may be hazardous to your health.

We advise being careful when using ear candles. The candles should not be jammed into the ears. They should be gently inserted into the ear and carefully held in place after lighting. Most people use a paper plate with a hole in it to keep ashes from falling. It is important to always have someone present helping you in ear candling. A bowel of water should be nearby to insert the burned ear cone into.

Interested In Ear Candling?

Use common sense. If you suspect you have a serious health problem involving your ears, get a diagnosis.

Some patients or customers have asked us to show them how ear candling works or perform it on them. We believe that ear candling helps adjust the temporal bones to a more balanced position. We usually follow ear candling in these instances with a release of the occipital/atlas region using craniosacral therapy. This always feels good and makes the head feel clearer.

You can find ear candles here and find the herbal remedy for ear problems here.

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2 thoughts on “Is Ear Candling Good Or Bad For You?

  • June 25, 2014 at 3:16 am

    Hello, I read your article. I like your view about the Ear candle You have get a great information about the human body and ear. its great helpfully to many people…I like it and i am very happy, i really appreciate on this work and your idea is great-full. Thanks for sharing the informative Post.

  • July 9, 2014 at 4:19 pm

    Fantastic post. I’ve recently become interested in alternative medicine/home treatments soon after getting misdiagnosed by my GP for a potentially life-threatening condition. I believe more and mor folks are beginning to wake up and recognize that the healthcare establishment does not have our best interests at heart, and they have to take responsibility for their own well being, simply because nobody else is going to. Regrettably, mainstream media continues to label anybody who talks about organic therapy/alternative medicine as a “quack” or even a “charlatan” like this article from NBC news: . It really is nothing more than a hit-piece. We need some sincere reporting concerning the success rate of alternative medicine, it is about time.


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