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La Stone Therapy

La Stone Therapy relax muscles, relieve pain, reduce chronic inflammation, and much more

Stone Massage Therapy  

SET ALT TEXTLa Stone Therapy is a thermal therapy that uses hot and cold stones to relax muscles, increase lymph flow, relieve pain, reduce chronic inflammation, and induce a feeling of comfort, nurturing, and deep relaxation.

La Stone Therapy is the original hot and cold stone massage, sometimes called "hot stone massage."Smooth basalt stones are heated in water to about 120-126 degrees and placed in a spinal layout pattern under the client's back. The stones produce a safe, even, therapeutic temperature. Morestones are placed on the chakras to open the energy centers. Oil is applied on the whole body, followed by massage with the stones.

Cold marble stones are also used to reduce inflammation, tonify the circulation, reduce fluid build upStone Massage Therapy in the body tissues, and stimulate muscles and the nervous system. Cold and hot stones can be used together for contrast therapy.

Many clients experience deep relaxation and mental clarity after a treatment. A La Stone Therapy treatment usually lasts 90 minutes and can be combined with other massage treatments and aromatherapy.



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