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Dupuytren's Contracture -- Incurable?

How to Avoid Surgery for Dupuytren's Contrature

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Dupuytren’s Contracture is a condition of knots and scars in the palm of the hand that has no known cause. The sufferer experiences a gradually increasing claw-like contraction of the fingers which cannot be straightened. Medical science believes it is genetic, and has only one solution, a surgery called needle aponeurotomy. The old surgery for Dupuytren’s Contracture involved slicing the tendons and fascia of the palms. It was a temporary solution that often created more scar tissue and did not stop the progression of the condition.

How to Avoid Surgery with Dupuytren's Contracture by Using Natural Treatment

The term “condition” is perhaps the best way to think of Dupuytren’s, because it is not a disease. Our experience over time is that this an overuse syndrome, and involves shortening of the fascia or connective tissue of the palm. The tendons of the muscles and the tendon sheaths are also restricted.

It is important not to wait if Dupuytren’s Contracture is suspected. Researching and beginning a holistic treatment should be started immediately. Our program and some of the methods we suggest are outlined here.

First, many people do not understand that strengthening and stretching are two different things. A Dupuytren’s patient should not do hand-strengthening exercises like squeezing a ball. There are about twenty-five muscles in the forearm and hand. The palm and inner muscles of the forearm are the flexors or grasping side. The back of the hand and outer forearm muscles are the extensors or opening side.

Most of the things we do in life, like using a hammer, driving a car, sports, or typing on a computer are grasping motions. This tightens the muscles, tendons, sheaths, and fascia of the palms and inner forearms. Many people have palm flexor or hand problems because of grasping and repetitive tightening of the hands. (Think of someone who grasps motorcycle handlebars).

Regular massage, stretching, physical therapy, and acupuncture usually do not help Dupuytren’s Contracture.

Hydrotherapy, including paraffin wax hand soaks and ice plunges can help by bringing circulation to the hands.

Specific stretching or fascial stretching can lengthen tendons and fascia in the hands and forearms.

Myofascial Release of the palms and forearms can provide symptomatic relief and for some it can stop the worsening of the condition.

Neuromuscular Therapy technique for the hands using a beveled pressure tool (T-bar) can help break up the stagnation. We also use a traditional Chinese therapy called Gua Sha or scrapping.

It is important to have such treatments not only on the hands but forearms, arms, shoulders, and even the neck. Stretching of the same areas is recommended.

Supplements we recommend:

Magnesium citrate, one 150 mg capsule, one to three times a day. (This is not the same as magnesium oil).

Vitamin E taken as outlined in Michael Tierra’s article: Treating Dupuytren's Disease with Vitamin E (Jonathan Wright, MD’s protocol).

Vitamin E oil used externally on the palms.

The Bone Spur formula we developed at our clinic for removing calcification around joints, bones, and tendons. In addition to this we have other proprietary herbs and formulas we use for tissue healing.

The Black Salve we make, which is a “drawing salve” based on old tried and true herbal principles. We have had patients who have used this on keloid scars, which are similar to Dupuytren’s.

We also like and recommend two classic Edgar Cayce remedies, Scarmassage and Castor oil rubbed on the knotted scar tissue on the palms. Scarmassage has worked for numerous patients on almost all scars, and is great for post-surgical tissue healing. Castor oil is a well known healer and detoxifier.

We have not used DMSO, which some people claim should be used for Dupuytren’s Contracture, but liniments tend to wear off and are short-term solutions.

Some people find benefit by changing their diet by eating more fruits and vegetables. It is important in most chronic conditions like this to avoid alcohol and reduce sugar intake.

Combined together, these approaches give the Dupuytren’s Contracture sufferer a chance at reversing their condition.



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