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What Is It You Do Again? (What We Do)

Laurence Layne

We often get the question–what is it you do exactly? Sometimes even long time patients have a hard time explaining to others what we do.

We are advanced natural health practitioners. We help people with advanced massage therapy, herbal healing, alternative nutrition, health coaching, East West fitness, and energy healing.

The therapies we perform are far beyond “massage.” We call the field manual therapy to designate that the massage we perform is done with knowledge, skill, and intent to heal, improve health, and rehabilitate.

One of the best ways to describe what we do at our clinic is to say it is something between massage and Chiropractic. These are advanced techniques of hands-on therapy that require many years of study to master and are way beyond the abilites of the average massage practitoner, physical therapist, athletic trainer, personal trainer, etc. Many of the techniques are drawn from soft tissue Osteopathy.

Another phase of what we do is wholistic herbalism. This is a field of healing where one has to take many hundreds of hours of training and spend years of study and practice in the clinic to begin to master. An herbalist is something between an shaman and a doctor. Some of what we do is based on science, but most of it is a synthesis of folk healing, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Ayurveda, and traditional systems of botanical healing such as Physiomedicalism and Electicism. This approach is called East West Herbalism.

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The owner of the clinic, Laurence Layne, began learning energy healing, reflexology, and wholistic health concepts in 1978. He became a full time natural health professional in 1990. He has studied different systems of therapy and herbal healing over the years. Some of his titles include:

Certified Neuromuscular Therapist
Certified Onsen Technique Therapist
Certified Craniosacral Therapist
Licensed Massage Therapist
Myofascial Therapy Specialist
Certified Herbalist
East West Certified Herbalist
Florida Master Naturalist

See our Services and Programs pages for more in-depth explanations of what we do.



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