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About Healing Waters Clinic & Herb Shop

Our mission is to provide the highest quality natural healthcare and healing for the body, mind and spirit 

We Care About Your Health!

Our Philosophy: 

The wholistic philosophy looks to finding the causes of pain, disease and dysfunction rather than just treating the effects.

Blancing the body, mid, and spiritThe foundation of the practitioners at Healing Waters Clinic is known as the philosophy of wholistic healing. The wholistic philosophy looks to finding the causes of pain, disease and dysfunction rather than just treating the effects. The wholistic healer recognizes that ill health can arise from a variety of factors that include the mental, emotional and spiritual as well as the physical. One of the major premises of wholistic healing is that "healing comes from within."

This means that human beings are endowed with a self-healing capacity that can be amplified with appropriate therapy and mind-body-spirit techniques. Some of these modalities are thousands of years old and originated in ancient India or China . Other techniques are based on modern science like the principal of homeostasis (balance) and the concept of psychoneuorimmunology (mind-body immune connection).

In the wholistic model of health the practitioner is a facilitator or guide rather than an interventionist and seeks to help the client to release the vital healing force from within. Wholistic healers feel the body is more than willing to heal if blockages to health are removed. Click here to read an article about wholistic healing.

Our History:

Healing Waters Clinic was founded in 1994 by Laurence Layne, LMT, Herbalist, initially as a pain relief center, wholistic massage therapy clinic, and herbal pharmacy. The high quality and reputation of the center attracted other practitioners who asked to be part of the clinic. Because of this, Healing Waters became one of the first multi-disciplinary wholistic clinics in St. Johns County, Florida.

Some of the various treatments and licenses that have been a part of the clinic include massage therapy, bodywork, nursing, weight loss, medical doctor, acupuncture, nutritionist, speech therapist, energy healing, physical therapy, herbalism, midwife, and hypnosis. See a list of our current Services.

In 2000, the Healing Waters Clinic moved from its original location to the new housing near the intersection of King St. and US 1 downtown. Click here to see a map of our location.  

The move to a new location brought expansion and new services into the Clinic. A full retail herb shop has been added, expanding on the earlier herbal pharmacy. This new addition brings a one-of-a-kind herb shop into North Florida that sells bulk Chinese, Ayurvedic and Western herbs to the public.

Over time this has grown to be one of the largest selections of herbs in Florida and the Southeast. Natural healing supplies, books, teas, essential oils, and herbal patent remedies are also available. Click here to go to the Herb Shop. As of January 2001 the name of the Clinic became Healing Waters Clinic & Herb Shop.

About Our New Home:

  • We are located at 26 Clark Street -- 3 blocks South of King Street on US 1

  • Plenty of parking in front and back

  • An "old Florida" style house build around 1927

  • The back of the house faces Oyster Creek

  • Oyster Creek is a serene body of water that used to be open to the San Sebastian River before the construction of US 1. At one time shrimp boats took refuge in the "creek" during bad weather.
  • Now, our customers use the picnic table to enjoy a cup of tea and relax while watching the bird, boats, and enjoying the sun.  



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