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A Cold and Flu Chinese Herbal Remedy That Works Great!

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I recently chrysanthemum and mulberry herbal tea for flu symptomscaught the flu, cleared it up pretty fast (about a week) with elder flower and mullein leaf.  Then I caught another flu from a customer who came in the Herb Shop. Two tiny flus in a row. The worst that can happen to a healthy person like me.

I have not had the flu or a cold for over five years and that one, five years ago, put me in bed for over seven days and it took me over a month to get rid of the aftermath (runny nose, stuffy sinuses, and lung congestion).

This time around I use Chrysanthemum (Hu Hua) and Mulberry leaves (Sang Ye).  It was great… I only had about 3 days of symptoms and they all disappeared in a couple of days.  I did use my standby of elder flower and mullein as well, but also added the chrysanthemum and mulberry leaves.

I was quite amazed at how it cleared up the congestion and took care of the sinuses. No more stuffy nose, and no more congestion, especial as its winter time here in Florida and this year it’s on the very cold side. Well, very cold for me since I detest the cold.

To make this flu remedy:

1 quart of water

Two tablespoons of Chrysanthemum dried

Two tablespoons Mulberry leaf

Directions to make Chrysanthemum and Mulberry tea:

Add herbs to a quart jar, bring water to boil, pour over herbs, let sit for 5 minutes, then drink 3 cups throughout the day. Heat up if you want — I do because it’s not the best tasting tea, but I add about a ¼ teaspoon of honey to get rid of the bitterness.  It’s not too bad as a cold tea, but I still like it warm. Don’t heat it over 120 degrees since that will break down the properties of the herbs and make them useless.


chrysanthemum and mulberry herbal tea for flu symptoms In case you’re wondering, chrysanthemum helps the congestion in the lung as well as fever, headaches, and soothes the liver.  Chrysanthemums also help improve vision and will take care of conjunctivitis.  It’s great for counteracting the effects of hot weather, as well.


chrysanthemum and mulberry herbal tea for flu symptoms


Now, mulberry leaf (Sang Ye) works on the lungs and liver, also it will take care of a fever.  It helps moisten the lung so your body can cough up the phlegm to clear the lungs. It’s one of the best herbs for congestion, with a cough.

“Studies have shown that mulberry leaf has effects in anti-inflammatory, lowering body temperature, reducing blood sugar, protecting skin, anti-septic, and reducing blood pressure and lipids.” [Shen Nong]


It does have a bitter aftertaste, but since it clears up the lungs, it’s well worth dealing with the taste. Using it hot covers up the bitter taste better than drinking it cold. Either way it works getting rid of a cough with congestion and the sniffles.

One cup of chrysanthemum and mulberry tea will last about 5 to 6 hours. That means clear lungs and no sniffles for a while.  It should clear up the leftovers from the flu in about 3 to 5 days. Of course, every person is different, but that’s how it works for me.


Let me know how it works for you!


Jacks – one half of Herbal Explorers

See ya next thyme!




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A Cold and Flu Chinese Herbal Remedy That Works Great!
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A Cold and Flu Chinese Herbal Remedy That Works Great!
An herbal remedy that will knock out the flu in a couple of days. It works so well you will keep some around just to keep you feeling great!
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