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Ear Candling Revisited — Is it Good for You?

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Once again, we touch on the subject of ear candles that are used for ear candling or ear coning. See our previous article and test of ear candles.

There is a reight way and a wrong way to perform ear candlingWhat is ear candling, you ask? It is the process of using a wax-wrapped thin “cloth” candle that is applied to the outer ear to help, as some believe, relieve sinus pain, ear infections, tinnitus, and vertigo. Ear candling probably does not have the ability to remove ear wax, as some claim, but does seem to unblock the ears.

We, here are Healing Waters Clinic & Herb Shop, maintain that ear candling will help relieve pressure from the ear cavity. This helps the recipient feel better as the pressure is relieved from the ear canal.

There are many practitioners who make claims of relief of brain pressure, strengthening the brain, removing ear wax, etc., all of which are unsubstantiated claims, and sound a little bit far out. Ear candles, in our experience, are safe 99% of the time. We believe more harm is done if the ear candling is not done correctly.

Remember, you are working with an open flame.

It’s the one reasons why Laurence Layne wrote a pamphlet or a patient hand-out that will explain exactly how to perform ear candling. You can find a copy of the booklet “How to Use Ear Candles” here.

There is no proof that ear candling actually “works,” however, most people find it does “something” that is beneficial. We have never heard of anyone “piercing” their eardrums as maintained on some medical sites.

Could you poke the ear candle too hard into the ear and cause a problem? Yes. That’s why it’s so important to do ear candling the right way and not the wrong way. This is also why many doctors and other practitioners state that ear candling is quackery.

Perhaps it is a placebo effect, but we do know that those who have it done here at our clinic, or on their own, feel better after the ear candling. It could also be mind over matter, however, but if it helps someone heal and feel better, then it’s a good use of their time to have ear candling done.

Ear Candling Revisited– by The Herbal Explorers

Laurence Layne and Jacks Logan


Ear Candling Revisited -- Is it Good for You?
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Ear Candling Revisited -- Is it Good for You?
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