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How to Heal Troublesome Bites from Ants, Spiders, and Pets

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The fastest way to heal fire ant, brown recluse spider, and animal bites!

Brown-recluse-spider biteWe want to drop a line here on our blog to let everyone know about our famous (or infamous!) Spider Bite Tea. You got it… it’s for healing up spider bites quickly, but what many people don’t know is that it will also heal other types of bites, sores, and irritations.

So, with the rise of Brown Recluse spider bites, this is one tincture that will actually help with them. Since there is no known treatment for the Brown Recluse bites, it’s best to have Spider Bite Tea tincture on hand if you do happen to get bit. It also works for any kind of spider or insect bite.

Let me share a few stories about how I use Spider Bite Tea, and how some of our customers have used it to help heal every type of bite, scratch, scuff, and graze you may have on your body.

Paracelsus Herbals-Spider Bite Tea to quickly heal any type of biteIt was originally formulated by Laurence Layne, owner of Healing Waters Clinic & Herb Shop in St Augustine, Florida. The tea was very effective for helping those with spider bites. After a customer came in from the emergency room with a Brown Recluse Spider bite, which the hospital couldn’t help with, Laurence gave him Spider Bite Tea tincture, plus, had him rub on the tea right on his thumb. It was amazing to see it  cleared up in a couple of days. The customers thumb was almost black and very swollen when he came into the clinic. The customer took a dropper full and then used some externally on the bite. He came back in a week and the bite was almost completely healed.

After that, the people at our clinic knew we had a unique formula. Laurence gave it to anyone who came in with a bite from bugs, animals, and even scratches from plants or pets, domestic or wild. It seems to stops irritations and infections from bites on the spot!

I have a cat called Jumpy Shadow. One day she grabbed my leg–she was jumping at shadows–and dug in all her claws on my leg. Now, you know what cat scratches do to the body. They always get infected and I had twenty punctures holes in my leg from her claws. I washed it, then put some Spider Bite Tea tincture on it, and in less than a week all the holes were healed. That’s pretty powerful healing, especially for me who heals very slowly.

Just last week, a customer came in with an insect bite on his hand. It was all swollen and he said it itched like crazy. We gave him Spider Bite Tea tincture and he took some internally and put some on the insect bite. Before he left the clinic, his hand was already reduced in swelling.

Here in Florida, we have fire ants. I, of course, am allergic to them. When I get bit, I swell up to triple the size. Plus, they itch like all get out… one dose of Spider Bite Tea tincture and I don’t have to worry about swelling or healing. In less than a week, the fire ant bite mark is gone.

We have customers who come in and ask if we have anything for fire ants and we give them Spider Bite Tea. We’ve given Spider Bite Tea for cat bites, bug bites, scratches, snake bites, and other types of bites.

Oh My, oh my...the bigest spider of all..
Oh My, oh my…

Right now we have it on sale for $10.00 for a 1 ounce bottle. Black widows, scorpions, even tarantula bites don’t hold a chance of becoming infected once they are treated with Spider Bite Tea tincture.

OK, we have to do a disclaimer. If you are trying herbal remedies and it is not working fairly quickly for a bite, use common sense and go to a doctor or the emergency room if you are concerned.

How have you dealt with any type of bite?

Jack Smithson

(with a little help from Laurence Layne)

The Herbal Explorers

How to Heal Troublesome Bites from Ants, Spiders, and Pets
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How to Heal Troublesome Bites from Ants, Spiders, and Pets
How to heal any type of bite in a day or two. Using this herbal formula will help with infections, itching, and pain from all types of bites

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