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How Stress and Anxiety Increases Insomnia; Herbal Remedies to Calm the Nerves

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Relieve stress with these special herbs

Ahhhh…today’s world is getting tougher.  Home foreclosures, layoffs, economy is down, while China is making all the money, you’re stress out about how to pay the bills.  It’s no wonder everyone is suffering from anxiety caused by stress.  It’s not an easy world to live in these days.  However, there are ways to combat anxiety and stress with natural herbal remedies.

Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep and stay asleep. A good night’s sleep is needed by the body to rejuvenate, regenerate, and eliminate toxins in the body. You sleep because your body needs the time to work. If you don’t get enough sleep, you may suffer from distorted thinking, lack of energy, headaches, and any number of other maladies.

The following herbs are a great way to relieve your stress and anxiety without giving into prescription drugs or non-prescription drugs like that wonderful martini after work.  These herbal remedies help with anxiety and stress without any side effects and they make your life seem like a dream.

Anxiety and stress are controlled by the adrenal gland and it can become over stressed or over used, the longer you’re under stress and anxiety.  To read more about how it can affect your life visit Adrenal Fatigue. They have a lot of information on how’s and whys of stress and anxiety.

Anxiety and stress can bring on panic attacks with symptoms that are often taken for heart Relieve stress with these special herbsattacks.  Hospitals are reporting an increase of stress related panic attacks in the emergency area.  There are 1 to 4 people out of 100 that suffer from panic disorder.  So, before you succumb to a panic attack, try some of these herbs to starve them off.

The first and foremost best natural herbal remedy for anxiety is Valerian (Valeriana officinalis).  Valerian has been studies by the medical industry for the last couple of years and they have verified that valerian works like it did for the ancient healers.  Have a cup of Valerian an hour before bed for a great night’s sleep.

Relieve stress with these special herbs Chamomile is the best for keeping calmFor anxiety and stress during the day, Chamomile is the best.  It also helps keep your stomach from clenching with anxiety. One to two tablespoons of blooms to one pint of water. Simmer or steep for 5 minutes before drinking.  You can also use a Chamomile tea bag.  Although, there haven’t been any studies (that I know of), it’s best not to over task your body, so don’t exceed 6 cups a day.  And don’t take for long term – use another natural herbal remedy such as California poppy or passion flower and tradeoff between them. Matricaria chamomilla is German chamomile and Chamaemelum nobile, which is the roman chamomile.Catnip is more than just for cats... Relieve stress with these special herbs

Another herbal remedy you can take for anxiety is Catnip (Nepeta cataria).  I like it better than other herbs for keeping calm.  It’s loaded with a nervine that has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.   It also works on cats, too. Make a tea with one tablespoon of Catnip to one pint of boiling water. Steep for 5 minutes, then enjoy.

Relieve stress with these special herbs like lemon balmLemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is one of the best for settling down your mind and nervous system at night. You can use fresh lemon balm or dried. One tablespoon per cup of water and drink 30 to 45 minutes before bedtime.

One natural herbal remedies for anxiety most people don’t know aboutRelieve stress with these special herbs is Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra).  There are times when I crave Licorice Root and usually it’s after I’ve been under some heavy stress.  Since I’m not a fan of taking pills, I use this recipe and make my own tea.


Anxiety Tea


Anxiety Tea
Recipe Type: Formula
Author: Henry
Prep time:
Total time:
The best tea to calm the nerves
  • 1 cup licorice root
  • 1 cup ginger root
  • 1 cup wild yam
  • 1 cup cinnamon
  • 3 cup sassafras (or not. It’s a personal preference)
  • 1 cup dandelion root
  • 1/2 cup orange peel
  1. Mix the herbs together and store in an airtight glass jar for when you want a calming tea. You can also combine them by the tablespoon for a pint of herbal tea.
  2. To make a pot of tea:
  3. Use 2 tablespoons to 1 quart of water, steep 5 minutes then drink. You can add honey or sugar to sweeten, but it’s fine without either. You can drink it throughout the day. To make one cup use 1 tablespoons to one coffee cup of water. You can also add Valerian to the mixture for a nighttime tea.

There are a lot of other herbs to use for anxiety and stress and I try to use them, so I’m not taking one herb all the time.  However, this is my body, every person’s body act differently with different herbs.

Does The Body Build An Immunity To Herbs?

Yes and no. This topic is too much for this article, but you can read the complete “How Herbs Work on the Body” to find out more. In the case of stress herbs, if you’re under stress every day, then you’ll have to take the herbs every day. They will help you deal with the stress and keep your anxiety levels down.

Once your stress levels are down or back to normal, then you can take other herbs to maintain the balance between stress and calmness. So, it’s best to use different herbs daily to get the maximum benefits from natural herbal remedies.

It also depends on the amount of stress you’re under and how long you’re under the stress. The longer you’re stressed out, the higher the anxiety.

Other Relaxation Methods

You don’t have to do yoga or chanting to relax. Grab your cup of tea and sit outside for a half hour, go for a walk, throw rocks, surf the Internet, talk to the neighbors, or paint your walls.  Just be sure to do something that will take your mind off the anxiety and stress, so your body has a chance to recover for the overload of stress.

And one last piece of advice – eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, get plenty of sunshine (if you can) and get as much fresh air as possible.  It helps keep your body relaxed and calm.

Here’s a list of other herbs that are good for anxiety and stress.  Mix and match them in teas or add them to your food as you cook it.  You can also make these herbs (in any combination) into tinctures or use essential oils to calm the nerves.

Herbal Teas for Stress and Anxiety
Fennel Tea Relieves gastrointestinal upset as well as stress
Hops Relaxing effect on the nervous system
Kava kava Help minimize anxiousness
Motherwort Helps stabilize emotions, lowers high blood pressure, and has calming effect on nerves
Passionflower Promote relaxation and calm
Peppermint Excellent for an upset stomach or frazzled nerves
Skullcap Help relax and nourish nervous system and induce sleep
St. John’s Wort Helps restore emotional stability and ease depression
Essential Oils for Stress and Anxiety
Bergamot oil Promotes the body’s ability to inner heal
Cedarwood oil Widely used for its tranquilizing effects
Geranium oil Helps relieve pain, soothes anxiety and stress, and diminishes swelling and inflammation, has a sedative effect and is useful for nervousness
Lavender oil Ability to remove nervous tension, relieves pain, disinfect scalp and skin, enhance blood circulation and treat respiratory problems
Lemon oil Attributed to its stimulating, calming, carminative as well as calming in nature and helps remove mental fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety, nervousness and nervous tension – a cup of lemon water in the morning works wonders to start the day
Patchouli Attributed to its properties like anti-depressant
Sandalwood It improves memory and induces concentration. It keeps the brain cool and relaxed and saves it from undue stress and anxiety
Sweet Marjoram It induces a calming, relaxing and sedating effect on the mind and the body.  It also gives a happy feeling in cases of anger or sadness

If you have any questions, contact us.

Enjoy…until next thyme!


What other herbs do you take to relieve your  stress?

How to deal with stress and anxiety naturally
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How to deal with stress and anxiety naturally
The 10 very best herbs to keep your stress level down and give you a healthier life without stress or anxiety. Using these special herbs will help reduce your stress level.

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