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How to Become an Herbalist… Mostly for Free

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How to become an herbalistYou can become an herbalist for free or mostly for free; however, it does take a little time to become one.

Learn how to become an herbalist, either by conventional study or home study courses.

You will have to take some courses if you want to become a certified herbalist. Of course, it depends on how quickly you can learn whether it’s self-learning or in a classroom. Laurence Layne recommends these schools of learning herbalism.

Learning how herbs work on the body takes a dedication to keep you and your family or friends healthy.  As the information age extends into learning at home and on any subject, you can become an herbalist in as little as 6 weeks. Of course, it depends on how fast you learn and how quickly you want to finish your home study course.

Becoming an herbalist will allow you to prevent illnesses, diseases, and solve chronic pain such as low back pain, shoulder pain and indigestion. If you use all the information you learned about herbs for your family, they will be the healthiest on the block and you won’t have wasted your time.

There is a plethora of career opportunities in herbal medicine such as:

  • Family herbalists
  • Intermediate herbalist
  • Master herbalist

As well as a study of different types of herbalism such as:

  • Western herbalism
  • Remedies in homeopathy
  • Physiology
  • Biosciences and herbalism
  • Introduction to botany
  • Plant identification

Of course, there are always opening in research area such as:

  • Herbal sciences research methods
  • Biochemistry
  • Ethnobotany
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Interaction between herbs and drugs
  • Preparing herbal treatments
  • Case assessment and management
  • Preparation of herbal remedies
  • Culture and medicinal plants
  • Herbal pharmacology
  • Phytochemistry and herbs
  • Biomedicine in herbal therapies

You can also become a grower of medical herbs such as:

  • Herb grower and cultivator
  • Wildcrafter

Another career is in instructing others in the art of herbalism such as:

  • Herbalism instructor
  • Western herbalist
  • Chinese herbalist
  • Herb product sales representative
  • Herb retail store manager
  • Herbal medicine manufacturer’s representative

As well as working with the medical community as:

  • Medical practice consultant
  • Academic researcher
  • Herbalism educator
  • Liaison between alternative and conventional healthcare professionals

A quick history of how to become an herbalist

Back in the “olden days” an herbalist would learn from the community Elder or tribal Elder. You would be apprenticed to the Elder for many years learning local plants, creating herbal remedies, and how different illnesses and diseases affected the body.

Herbalists have their own style and experiences such as Dr. Christopher, who likes the herb lobelia or herbalist Michael Tierra , who studies Chinese herbal medicine. You can easily choose the herbal niche you want to study and find many herbalist who will help you master herbal lore.

Read about the complete list of studies to become an herbalist here.

How to Become an Herbalist… Mostly for Free
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How to Become an Herbalist… Mostly for Free
Learn how to become an herbalist by using free resources for home study, online learning, or study on a campus.
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