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How To Eliminate The Pain Of Arthritis

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Winter time has got to be the worst time for arthritis suffers. I am one myself, since I was 8 years old and Relieve the pain of arthritis with these herbsstill have pain in the knees. However, these days I take a damp joint formula made by the Healing Waters Clinic & Herb Shop, and have no more trouble in the winter or summer, for that matter.

I am one half of the Herbal Explorers and I met Laurence through a card game at Barnes and Noble. We talked about my body troubles and I came to learn how herbs can help the body heal or at least, take away the pain of arthritis.

He gave me a formula called Damp Joint, which I take every 3 days. This works for me to keep the pain of my old broken bones, arthritis, and aches and pains of being a dare devil when younger.  If your arthritis is worse than mine, you might want to take it every day.

Of course, I wish he could actually give me bionic limbs, but they haven’t developed them to the point they are offering them to people who abused their bodies when they were younger. That’s the trouble with my body. Too much fun on skis, water sports, snow sports, mountain climbing and many other enjoyable dare devilish things.

You know the saying, “If I know then what I know now”, I would never have done any of the high end sports I did in my youth. Although, I had a great deal of fun skiing down slopes, white water rafting, and mountain climbing and hiking through ranges where most people would have gone pale at taking the trails, I enjoyed every minute of it.

Even though I suffer in pain every day, I would do it again. Without hesitation, anytime.

However, the broken bones, injured rotator cuffs, and tendonitis, not to mention the arthritis, is worth a couple of capsules a day for the memories.

You can enjoy pain free days by adding a few herbs to your daily diet. You can drink them as a tea, take a tincture, or pop a capsule. However you want to add them, the following herbs will help with the pain of aging, arthritis, and old injuries. Stretching helps keep the joints from swelling when you have arthritis

The reason you have pain is due to inflammation. Even if you didn’t strive to take the highest mountains on skis, or hit a waterfall at full speed, just aging will make your body ache. Also, try to include a stretching routine into your daily life. It really helps keep the muscles toned and flexible.

The Top Herbs for Arthritis Pain

Add these herbs to your daily routine:

Take 2 to 4 capsules of turmeric, (bulk) several times a day – turmeric (powder) fights inflammation. It was the turning point in my rotator cuff injury (both arms were affected, too). It keeps the inflamed joints down and I can really tell the difference if I forget to take my caps of turmeric (capsules).

For arthritis – take two capsules of Damp Joint Formula, twice a day, one in the morning when you wake and one before you hit the hay at night. You can take more, but this works for me. I no longer suffer from pain or aches from arthritis. It also helps stop the ache from all my broken bones.

Cayenne helps with the pain of arthritisCayenne salve helps with circulation. The more blood that moves to an area, the less pain you will have. Also, it doesn’t burn, at least mine doesn’t, when you apply it to your joints and muscles.

Some people take cayenne capsules, whereas I can eat a jalapeno pepper neat; taking cayenne capsules is too much for my stomach. Not sure why, but eating hot peppers is the same as taking the capsules. So, you might want to add some to your diet.

I make my own cayenne salve by adding two tablespoons of cayenne to a pint jar and filling it with grapeseed oil or olive oil. Let sit for one month. Then, gently heat to just warm and add beeswax to the consistency of salve you like.

The Rule Of Thumb for Herbs and Beeswax

The rule of thumb for combining herbal oil and beeswax is one cup of herbal oil to one cup beeswax or 1 ounce herbal oil to 1 ounce of beeswax. So, equal amounts of both. You can add more or less, depending on how soft or hard you like your salve.

Other Herbal Combinations for Arthritis Pain

This is what I take to keep the pain of arthritis down for me. It may or may not work for you. Below are other herbs you can take to keep the pain from inflammation and swelling down.  Try different combinations of herbs to lessen inflammation. That is the usual cause of the pain of arthritis.

Celery Seed (Apium graveolens) and Plantain (Plantago major)

Add one teaspoon of celery seed and plantain to a cup of hot water. Let steep for 3 to 5 minutes, then enjoy this cup of tea for pain relief with this combination of herbs.

Traditional Home Remedy for Arthritis

Stinging Nettles (Urtica dioica)

Nettles are not only great for pain, but they also contain all the magnesium and potassium your body requires daily. The body uses vitamins, minerals, and amino acids and other enzymes, hormones, and other chemicals the body used to maintain health. Replacing them is essential to keeping the pain at bay.

Just as the body uses the vitamin C in oranges and must be replaced daily, many herbs contain vitamins, minerals, and other properties such as tannins that help the body reduce inflammation, which is the cause of painful joints.

An interesting note about stinging nettles is how they were used as a folk remedy by slapping the ailing joint with stinging nettle. The “sting” from the nettle actually brings blood flow to the afflicted area, easing the pain and reducing the inflammation.

Chinese Wind Damp

The Chinese use the term Wind Damp when referring to arthritis pain. The wind damp conditions is what causes swollen, painful joints. Using a formula of:

  • Cinnamon twigs – to release Qi
  • Aconite toot
  • Angelica root
  • Wild ginger
  • Licorice
  • Chinese skullcap – to relieve the cold damp from the joints

These herbs reduce inflammation and relieve the swelling in joints.

Ayurveda Arthritis Pain Relief

People who suffer from arthritis in India use Ginger, Coriander, and Aloe Vera to treat arthritis. They also use Angelica to warm the joints, Barbery to reduce inflammation, and Basil to relieve pain from arthritis.

Another herb used in India is Camphor as a rub to the joints to relieve of pain and inflammation.

Of course, there are many herbs that will reduce inflammation. These are the most powerful for wind damp conditions. In Western Herbalism, wind damp is referred to as winter time when the air is cold and damp. That is what gets into the joint and causes them to swell. Reduce the swelling and you’ll live pain free.


The Herbal Explorers — Exploring other healing herbs…

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What type of pain reliever do you use for your arthritis pain? 

How To Eliminate The Pain Of Arthritis
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How To Eliminate The Pain Of Arthritis
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