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How To Live Forever! (Well Maybe!)

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How to Super Charge Your Body’s Health!

Holy basil Tulsi or Holy Basil, Latin names Ocimum sanctum or Ocimum tenuiflorum, has been used in India for many for hundreds of years. This herb is said to have not only healing and protective properties, but mystical ones as well.

It’s not a magic healer as much as we would like it to be, but the properties of holy basil are rather outstanding. Ayurvedic medicine, as you know, is one of the world’s oldest medical systems. It originated in India more than 5,000 years ago and is still today a traditional health care system widely in use.

Ayurveda, like Traditional Chinese Medicine, uses the concept of special diets, herbal compounds, and other methods of healing. One of the great healing herbs of Ayurveda for the body, mind, and spirit is Tulsi or holy basil.

Holy basil The leaves are used as part of the Hindu worship of the God Vishnu (Narayana) and his Avatars including Krishna, and Rama. That’s got to be a special herb, right? It is said to open the heart, and mind, and bring compassion.

Tulsi belongs to the class of herbs called adaptogens. An adaptogen is an herb that helps the body adapt to stress, builds energy, and exerts a normalizing effect upon bodily processes.  Tulsi is considered an “elixir of life” and said to promote longevity

It can be taken as:

  • Tea
  • Dried leaves or powder in food
  • Liquid extract
  • Mixed as a powder with ghee

Though, the people of India have been using it for over hundreds of years for colds, flu, nerves, to sharpen memory and strengthen the stomach, we, here in the Western world seem to need solid proof. Recent studies show holy basil is helpful for some cancers and stress related problems. So far the studies have resulted in scientific data showing a substantial health benefit to the body.

On the memory, it works to combat forgetfulness. It is a tonic for sexual problems, exhaustion, and sleep problems. Tests done by the University of Michigan Health System show holy basil reduces pain and inflammation. Recent studies show it also lowers blood sugar in diabetes.

So, as you can see Tulsi or holy basil is an herb worth taking. It is very diverse in the ailments it can help. You don’t have to be ill to take holy basil in a cup of tea, as capsules, or as a liquid extract. We often recommend the Herb Pharm brand holy basil or make capsules from organic powdered tulsi.

Here is a list of conditions there are studies to support and what are called “herbal actions.”

  • Common Cold-diaphoretic
  • Anti-Stress: adaptogen
  • Bronchitis-expectorant
  • Asthma: bronchodilator
  • Anti-microbial: alterative
  • Diabetes: digestive tonic
  • Hepatitis: liver detoxification
  • Immune system: tonic
  • Longevity: anti-inflammatory, adaptogen tonic

And like our Spider Bite Tea, tulsi is said to counteract snake and insect bites.

If you’re looking for a way to increase your energy level, fight against the stress, and feel good all the time, it’s time to look into holy basil as a medium for improving your health.

Laurence Layne and Jack Smithson

The Herbal Explorers

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