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Oregano Oil – Good, Better, Best

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Oregano oil has for several years been a mild fad used by both lay people and practitioners for yeast infections, parasites, gut inflammation, and has been called “nature’s antibiotic.” Now, no remedy is the be all and end all for healing and oregano oil is not a “heal all,” but some people find it effective for what herbalists think of as the therapeutic category anti-microbial.

So what is the best oregano oil? Research would seem to determine that a product that has an extract of carvacrol, a constituent of the wild Mediterranean oregano, Origanum vulgare. We sell a standard essential oil of oregano, an oregano oil and spirits, and a standardized extract of 70% carvacrol. We call these good, better, and best. If you are considering using oregano oil we suggest looking at these products on our web site and compare properties and uses of each to see which one fits your needs.

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