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Below you will find healing articles on a vast array of subjects. Enjoy reading and gathering information...if you have any questions, give us a shout (email)or call and talk to us. We don't mind if you copy our articles but please keep author information intact for each article. Plus, a link back to our site would be great! Thanks


Wholistic and Alternative Medicine

What Is It You Do Again? (What We Do)
Why People Come to See Us
How Our Therapies Help You
About Alternative and Complementary Medicine
Cancer and Alternative Medicine
How to Get Started In Alternative Medicine
What is Wholistic?
Doctor! Read This!


How Herbs Work
How to Succeed with Healing Herbs
How an Herbal Program Works
What is a Herbalist?
Herbal Therapies: Basic Strategies to Deep Healing
Herbal Safety & Effectiveness

Massage and Hands-On Healing

How Massage Helps Heal Pain
How Massage Promotes Health
Types of Massage and Hands-On Therapy
Deep Tissue Therapy is Different than a Deep Massage
Massage and Bodywork Glossary

Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing?
How Energy Helps Heal the Body


It's Time to Get Well
Your Health Matters to Us!
Health Care vs. Disease Care
The Real Wellness Model
Wholistic Health
Integrative Natural Healing
The Vital Force
The Laws of Healing



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