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In "old school" thinking there was an idea that we should "fight" pain and disease. We needed to "shake it off," or "walk it off," and get back in the game. A lot of people thought "well, maybe it will go away." People were afraid if they talked about their health problems, they would be thought of as "whiners."

While there was a small element of truth in some of those ideas, and some of them we inherited from our hardy American frontier ancestors, we live in a very different world today of health choices and health potential.

In the old days we did not have people working out in gyms, riding bicycles, doing yoga, swimming laps, running marathons, practicing martial arts, or even walking for health. Many people realize now they can improve their health, not just passively accept what they are dealt as a matter of inheritance and genetics.

This is a revolutionary idea for our culture and our lives. So many advances have been made in research and understanding of health, that we have a much longer life expectancy than our forefathers and foremothers. Much of this "new" information has not come from scientific research, but from thought leaders trying out new ideas. Who are some of those people?

Some were called "wacky," or "dangerous" for speaking out:

  • Linus Pauling advocated vitamin C for decades before its value was accepted.
  • Joseph Pilates invented a physical training system that is now a popular fitness method.
  • Daniel Palmer devised a way to adjust the spinal vertebra and save many people from pain and suffering.
  • Television fitness guru Jack LaLanne opened one of the first gyms in the country and helped lead the fitness and nutrition revolution.

We know better now–these people, among others, are celebrated as being visionaries that were ahead of their time.

Science too has come a long way. For many years, natural healers and "health faddists" said that what we eat affects our health and is huge player in the cause of degenerative disease. While this was fought by the medical establishment for decades, it is now acknowledged by the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the American Cancer Society that poor diet is a cancer risk factor like smoking.

There are lots of ways out there for you to get well. A lot of times healing is about timing. Sometimes we need the right help, at the right time, from the right person.

Why wait until there is "more research" to support alternative treatments, many which are safe, inexpensive, and effective? Even if you have seen doctors and specialists, tried different types of alternative medicine, and have “tried everything," we encourage you to keep looking and trying. The people we find who get well are the ones who are looking and trying things.

Although we can't help everyone, we try to do our part, and we'll try to help you find good ideas and effective solutions. We encourage you to read our web site as a starting place, beginning with the Learn More section.



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