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Health Care vs. Disease Care

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What do we mean by "Health Care vs. Disease Care?"

Much of regular medicine and therapy is practiced in a way that focuses on symptoms rather than causes. The patient is taken care of after the disease process has advanced significantly with no intervention until a crisis is at hand. This is sometimes called the "band aid" approach.

Most doctors and practitioners don't ask "why" or "how" a particular person is sick, they are merely interested in making the symptoms go away.

Wouldn't it be great if in addition to resolving a health problem, it was prevented from coming back? Furthermore, wouldn't it be better if the disease symptoms or pain never happened in the first place because the patient became aware of and avoided the underlying causes?

Our practice is based on the principles of health and what causes people to be healthy. Disease, or Dis-ease, as it is sometimes called, is the result of deviation from the normal either structurally, physiologically, or energetically.

We educate our patients on how to stay healthy and avoid being sick and in pain. We help the body right itself, sustain itself, and balance its function. The result is a return to the normal or what we call health. By application of simple but effective natural healing methods we help our patients:

  1. Get out of pain and get well.
  2. Understand how healing processes work and what real rehabilitation is.
  3. Learn practices or home therapy to help you stay well.
  4. Wellness activities which support the health process rather than the disease process.
  5. Understand when it is appropriate to come in for a treatment or consultation, or to go see another health practitioner or go for medical diagnosis.
Points to remember:
  • Health is more than the absence of symptoms
  • You are more than just your symptoms
  • We treat the cause, the underlying imbalance, not just the symptoms
  • The body has a self-healing mechanism
  • People can make health improvements even with severe problems

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