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What happens when you use several powerful healing therapies together? Healing potential is optimized, accelerated, and a range of underlying causes are addressed simultaneously.

Holistic healing methods are usually simple, safe and used to bring balance to the structure, function, and energy of the body. They can often be combined for maximum effect. If the body experiences too much stimulus from integrating several methods, it immediately lets you know by the return of symptoms.

We call the use of several holistic techniques together Integrative Natural Healing. This is the approach we take with our healing Programs. It is also necessary to use more than one method for problem solving if the patient is not responding to a particular technique.

An example might be a person with a frozen shoulder. As therapists we might use Neuromuscular Therapy and Myofascial Release to free up the shoulder. The condition may be in need of nutritional support with such as Vitamins B, C and other antioxidants to heal the soft tissues, and a supplement like Bromelain to help with inflammation.

Additionally, herbs that help circulation and healing like turmeric, black cumin, dang gui might be used. Antispasmodics like black cohosh, cramp bark, or valerian could also be used to help nerve irritation. The patient might be instructed in home stretching to increase range of motion in the shoulder. Hot and cold packs could be applied after therapy by the patient at home.

The above is a simple example. A digestive problem could be addressed by the use of abdominal massage, applications of herbal fomentations and packs to the abdomen, digestive remedies, appropriate diet, supplements, and home therapies.

Key Points:

  • Wholistic healing techniques can be combined together for a more powerful, syergistic effect
  • Balancing the body through its energy, structure, or function will reduce stress on organs, nerves, and tissues, give the body and mind more energy, and allow the body to use the freed up resources to be applied for healing.

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