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This is an exciting time to be alive! People are living longer and have more opportunities for creative fulfillment than ever before. Our technological medicine helps prolong life, especially in the area of heart health and emergency medicine.

Our North American population in record numbers has become interested in fitness and health, so much so, that a new fitness culture and multi-billion a year "health" industry have come into being. And everyone from insurance companies, to corporate entities, and government agencies are touting the benefits of "wellness."

What is this business of wellness? We are told that wellness is comprised of:

  • Early detection (more medical tests and utilization of the medical system)
  • Exercise (walking, going to the gym, etc.–or in the medical model going to the gym at the hospital or physical therapy office–more income stream)
  • Health risk assessments (health screenings, health fairs, etc.–good ideas overall but sometimes a "net" to catch more patients and thus leading to more use of the medical system)
  • Smoking cessation (a genuinely good idea for everyone)
  • Better Nutrition (a really good idea but represented by poor medical models ie. outmoded or corporately compromised food pyramids, nutrition drinks for elders and children, "medical foods"–vitamins prescribed by doctors, etc.)

At a certain level these concepts serve a number of people who might otherwise have no health information available in their lives. But we feel that people deserve better and that when they encounter the real wellness model, they will choose that over the entry level, medical based version.

Be alert and be aware that slapping a sign on medical building that says "Wellness Clinic" is a form of marketing, not alternative health care.

Our vision of Wellness includes so much more:

  • Biopsychosocial model: health is not merely the absence of disease, but a matrix of personal, social, societal, cultural factors that either build health or detract from health. The nursing model called the Biopsychosocial model is a good example of a way of looking at how our life and living affects our health.
  • The Health Continuum: even when there is a absence of symptoms, "health" is a relative state and we are either more or less healthy depending on our life activities including what we eat, how we exercise and move, what we think and believe, and how we perceive our role and purpose in life. By paying attention to what makes us feel better and builds our health, we can achieve a state called "optimal health."
  • Health Potential: symptoms do not appear out of thin air. Lifestyle factors, diet, attitudes, and our activities contribute or create the circumstances of pain and disease. Likewise, our health is made on a day to day basis; fitness is accrued over time. We can move upward on a gradient of health because we participate in healthy living activities.
  • Attitudinal Healing: what we think and feel conditions how we act. There are such things as "negative" attitudes. We can influence our health by changing how we think.
  • Energy Exercises: such practices as yoga, tai chi, chi kung, stretching, movemnet therapy (Feldenkrais, Somatics) actually build energy in our body.
  • Wholistic Nutrition: understanding what whole foods are, how to cook them, their health benefits, why they build good health, etc. This takes nutrition beyond low-fat, low-carb, high protein diets and adds things to the plate rather than taking them away.
  • The Good News: all the regular wellness ideas on diet, strengthening and exercises, smoking cessation, health check ups, medical care, etc. can still be used but they can be expanded on and improved.

The Wellness mode lthat is being adopted by corporations, insurance companies, and the medical system is a good first step but at our clinic you receive prorgressive, cutting edge knowledge.

Our first exposure to the real wellness model was over twenty-five years ago through such visionary teachers like Dr. John Travis, M. D. and Dr. Bill Bahan, D. C. Even now, many years later, the "powers that be" are beginning to accept the truth about "wellness" and "healing," but it is on a limited basis.

When you visit our clinic you can be assured of receiving care backed by the solid and foundational principles of Real Wellness.

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