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The human body creates energy from metabolism to supply all its needs. But there is another force at work in the body, the vital force. This is sometimes called life energy, chi, prana, or the energy field. This is the type of energy that gives life to the body. It is healing, reconstructive, resistive to disease, rehabilitative, and eliminative.

It not only powers the body but is the energy of mind, emotions, and expression. This energy is intelligent; it runs the body and all the body's processes automatically without our conscious effort. For this reason it is called innate intelligence.

In natural healing the vital force is responsible for all phenomena of health. The blockage or limitation of the life force leads to disease processes and symptoms. For this reason most natural healing methods release limitations and blockages to the life force or increase the life force's quality.

Quality of Life Force = Quality of Health and Living

The good news is that most natural healing techniques are safe, easy to apply, and don't require you to have a belief system about the life force. You do not have to believe there is such a thing as life energy, vital force, etc. for these techniques to work. We talk about the life force because you should know the underlying reasons of why a technique is used.

We also feel that it is important that patients understand the differences between regular medicine and wholistic healing. One of the big differneces is the philsophy of the life force. Most doctors do not have a philosophy of healing.

Most of the elite practitioners of wholistic healing do have a philosophy and use the life force concept in their healing practice. They are usually the ones who get results. If you cannot travel to our clinic we recommend you look for someone in your area with a similar philosophy.

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