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Digestive Wellness Program

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Digestive Wellness ProgramDigestive Wellness for your health and life

Digestive symptoms and poor digestion are one of the most common and perplexing set of health problems doctors and health professionals encounter today. Unfortunately the drug medical model does not have good solutions for many of these conditions.

Here at Healing Waters Clinic we believe that regardless of the diagnosis, most digestive issues are based in low or inadequate digestive function. This means that the digestive tract, which is the core of the body's metabolism, is not breaking down and absorbing food in an adequate way and is not eliminating metabolic byproducts (vitamins and minerals) efficiently.

Over the years we have seen people use some simple home remedies, such as peppermint tea for indigestion, fennel for gas, licorice for ulcers, ginger for nausea, and while these are great little aids, they aren't effective for strong digestive symptoms and diseases like GERD, IBD, IBS, etc. The same could be said for enzymes, probiotics, hydrochloric acid, and other supplements. They work for a certain range of people and symptoms and then they don't seem to work.

Our experience over many years now has shown that a deep knowledge of herbs used with specific recommendations for the individual's constitution can bring profound results.

Our program consists of:

  • Wholistic assessment of gut health to determine which herbs work best for the individual. (Learn More about Herbal Consultation here).

  • Examination and treatment of structural imbalances and such factors as abdominal adhesions, scar tissue, restricted organs and reflex patterns of weakness (trigger points). Typical therapies include Myofascial Release, Visceral Massage, Chapman's Reflexes, Lymphatic Manipulation, and Neuromuscular Therapy.

  • Nutrition Education on appropriate foods to eat for the patient's constitution. ("Should I eat raw or cooked foods?" is a typical question we help people answer).

  • Appropriate use of high quality supplements. We teach what supplements are good for each person's particular constitution. We share how such aids as Probiotics, Enzymes, Hydrochloric Acid, Colostrum, and Green Foods actually work, how to get them to work for you, and how to avoid mediocre results.

  • We teach our patients home therapies and folk remedies to improve their digestion. Examples would be Hydrotherapy, Yoga, exercises, abdominal breathing, and self massage.

Commitment for this program:

Digestive Wellness for your healthPatients are asked to come in for treatments and education every one or two weeks. As the patient improves and digestive symptoms begin to disappear, the patient can come in once a month. Herbs and supplements run about $60.00 to $100.00 a month in addition to cost of treatment. Some people choose to just do an herbal consultation, but the effectiveness of the hands-on treatments and wholistic health education brings a lot of confidence to the process,–and a lot of symptomatic relief. Because of this the whole program is recommended.

What to expect:

Most people have a greatly improved state of health, including no digestive symptoms or very little symptoms that are managed with home health aids and herbal remedies or an occasional tune-up.

Program length:

This varies from person to person. Most people begin feeling better after a few weeks and a lot better after a few months. Monthly visits or contact by phone is usually the follow up. Extreme loss of digestive function and strong digestive symptoms can take a year or longer to heal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I get off my medication?

Most of the time patient's can get off of medication, particularly if the medicine has not managed the symptoms well and the supplements are working. We do not recommend people should stop taking medications, but gradually reduce their use over time. We will be glad to work with your doctor and communicate to him or her about your healing process.

Can't you just give me the herbs?

There are no best, most powerful herbs that heal all digestive problems. Each person is an individual, and in wholistic healing we do not just treat the effects, but address the underlying causes. There is no one formula, herb, or supplement that treats all causes; therefore we have to design a personalized program for each person.

Have questions? Please read the articles below or contact us at 904-826-1965.

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