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Energy Healing as Health Care

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Energy healing is considered by some to be a subtle method, its results not immediately obvious or comprehensible, and therefore not effective as a healing modality. In fact, energy healing practiced by skilled and knowledgeable practitioner can bring immediate and dramatic changes in health.

The energy field around the human body can be felt and sensed by the hands of the practitioner passing over the trunk, limbs, and head in slow sweeping movements. Discrete “areas of need,” or concentrations of energy can be felt and gently worked with. Because all energy associated with the body is connected into the physical form, then changes can occur both at structural, physiological, and psychological levels.

The Structural, Physical Level

As an example, we can look at some changes at the physical level, particularly with musculoskeletal conditions. One of the best applications of the energy healing we practice is acute trauma or injuries. Car accidents, or sports injuries, for instance, leave the body in a state of shock with musculoskeletal bracing, spasms, sprains, inflammation, and tissue damage. We have experienced that energy healing, in the form of healing Attunements, can allay and reduce swelling, inflammation, pain, spasm, and structural misalignment. This is not an imaginary thing, but can be felt and experienced by the client.

Chronic strains, pains, or physical issues take longer to heal with energy healing. Sometimes, however, removing the energy blockages are the only way to achieve deep healing from old injuries and wounds.

The Physiological, Functional Level

Energy healing seems to work best with poor physiological functioning that is related to structural or energetic blockages. Typical of these conditions are decreased lymphatic function, particularly where there are sluggish lymphatics. Other applications include wound healing and improved immune function where there is need for mobilization of interstitial fluids, blood, and lymph. Digestive problems related to blockages or stagnation of function are also amenable to healing Attunements. This application can help absorption of nutrients and integration of nutritional building blocks into new tissues in some cases.

Energy healing can help acute burns (believe it or not) and has been used for this by practitioners for over half a century. Another area of help is for post-surgical healing. A few cases have been reported of improved vision after energy healing.

Generally, physiological problems associated with weakness of function, under performance of organs, prolapse, deficiencies, and imbalance due to poor nutrition are not as responsive, and sometimes require other interventions.

The Mental, Psychological Level

One of the experiences of energy healing that most people have is of coming to rest in the mind and body. A sense of peace is often generated and weight seems to be lifted off the shoulders. Some people report a clearing of the mind and resolution of issues that have been bothering them. Others describe this as a sense of being balanced. In some ways Attunement is like a shared meditation and the recipient often feels refreshed after a session. While Attunements are not primary treatments for depression, they can assist in moving through times of life stress.

Sometimes attention deficit, dyslexia, or mental focus can be helped, but there may be need for dietary change or integration of other modalities.

One use of energy healing is for mental healing from old drug abuse or use of hallucinogenics. However, it is not appropriate and least effective with schizophrenia, psychosis, and other serious mental health issues.

Attunements have been classically used for spiritual growth in the sense that centering, prayer, and devotion have been used to create stillness and peace inside the head and heart space. Attunements are not used typically like Reiki initiations, but some people are introduced to healing energy by the experience and become more sensitive to the life force.

Contraindications and Limitations

Energy healing doesn’t help all health conditions. It is not miracle healing, but a way of enhancing the life force.

There are lots of things energy healing doesn’t help. Attunements typically don’t work with thick scar tissue or very old, compromised joints or other physical structures that have moved beyond their physical limitations according the to the laws of biophysics. Energy healing doesn’t cure cancer (although establishing a healthy flow of the life force can only be good for a body). Very deficient or wasting diseases need more than energy healing. Attunements don’t really cure the common cold or flu, although they can help the body move through such common maladies. Serious, life threatening infections are probably best treated by regular medicine rather than energy healing.

It might seem that working post-surgical cases would be contraindicated due to theoretical increase of blood flow and lymph flow but in fact energy healing has been used very successfully for wounds and surgeries. Even conditions like gangrene have responded. There are some energy practitioners who have been allowed to work on clients while surgery is being performed in hospitals. This has been shown to be safe and beneficial.

Historically, going back half a century, supplements have been given by some practitioners along with energy healing to bolster the system, and clear vibrational patterns.

Regular medicine or alternative modalities such as herbs, acupuncture, chiropractic, or bodywork may be necessary to address the body at an appropriate level. In some cases energy healing can only be a part of an integrative approach.

If you have any questions about energy healing as a potential part of your health care, please contact us at 904-826-1965.



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