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The Healing Current of Life

What is Attunement?

Attunement is a practice of healing for body, mind, and spirit.  Attunement means "to bring into harmony."  It also describes a process of bringing the outer part of ourselves into harmony with the inner part of ourselves.  The outer is made up of the body, mind, and emotions.  The inner is the invisible or spiritual aspect of ourselves which contains meaning, direction, and an unlimited supply of energy for health, healing and creative living.

The practice of Attunement is designed to cultivate inner stillness by igniting awareness of our divine spark, our radiant center of Being, the very core of who we are. It helps to restore the imprinted memory of our spiritual self which is already whole, vibrantly healthy, and in harmony with larger life patterns.

The basic Attunement technique is non-touch, radiant healing.  The Attunement Practitioner's hands are guided by a present and centered awareness that allows for a clarification and balancing of the energy field surrounding the client.  This energy field, or atmosphere, has specific connections to the various glands, organs, and systems of the body which are used as contact points into the inner world of the receiver-the level of the soul, psyche, and emotions.  It is at this level that true healing takes place and we are able to experience our true birthright of harmony and health -- again.

History of Attunement

Attunement was birthed in 1929 by Lloyd A. Meeker, founder of a non-sectarian spiritual group, the Emissaries of Divine Light.  Meeker's students and collaborators included professional healers such as chiropractors in addition to lay practitioners. Attunement continues to be practiced to this day by lay, professional, and ministerial healers.  Many of them are members of the Attunement Guild, a networking association founded in 1996 to support the practice, experience,  and teaching of Attunement. Note: You don’t have to adopt a set of beliefs to experience the benefits of Attunement.

The Attunement Current

The Attunement current is the "energy" that is felt during an Attunement session.  This healing current removes blocks to wholeness at an invisible, energetic level and offers a spiritual as well as physical upliftment that is experienced as peace and healing.  This current, also known as Spiritual Radiation, has far-reaching results and is viewed as world service as well as personal healing.

Understooding in this idea is that we are all connected at a deep level and have a personal connection to the Oneness of all things that we think of as Source or the Creator.  Attunement can be shared long distance.  Attunement is not limited by technique and is a function of Consciousness.  Attunement has been defined as a sacred healing art and spiritual practice.

Your Attunement Practitioner

An Attunement Practitioner is dedicated to Service.  This means he or she is concerned about the client's highest level of need spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.  An Attunement Practitioner has taken training that encourages spiritual growth and living in personal attunement.  This sensitivity to the life current fosters an atmosphere of non-judgment, which bring about a healing current of love and intercession.  Your Attunement Practitioner will be glad to answer any questions regarding radiant healing and the nature of this Service.

Who is Laurence Layne -- Certified Attunement Practitioner

Laurence Layne is a licensed massage therapist, bodyworker, herbalist and Attunement practitioner who lives and practices in St. Augustine, Florida.  He founded Healing Waters Clinic, a multi-disciplinary healing arts center in St. Augustine, in 1994.  His first Attunement experience was in 1978.  He took his first Attunement class in 1980, followed by many other classes and personal mentoring by Attunement practitioners.  He has shared thousands of Attunements over the years and continues to do so to this day.  He is the author of three books on Attunement. He presently offers Attunement classes for health professionals and laypersons.

You can find his books at Health Light Book Publisher.









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