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"The Art of Cranial Massage"

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CraniopathyCraniopathy is similar to Craniosacral Balancing in that both work on the cranial bones and the nervous system. But Craniopathy is a "direct" therapy that works primarily with sutural disengagement, or in layman's language, releases stuck cranial bones. Craniosacral Therapy and Balancing is an "indirect" therapy that works more lightly with the cranial bones, and tends to focus on fascia, cerebrospinal fluid, and energy. Both of these therapies are absolutely necessary and integrated into our practice. An example:

A patient has a headache that was treated by a doctor with medication. The patient may have received physical therapy, massage, or chiropractic. As part of our evaluation and treatment we may increase range of motion of the cervical area (neck) with muscle energy technique and release trigger points with neuromuscular therapy. We might add a gentle occipital/atlas release and cranial/fascial releases. The patient is 50% better but still has headaches. As an alternative we would palpate the occipitomastoid suture, and finding it tender and sore, we would release it using a direct Craniopathy technique. At the next visit, the patient's headaches are not only dramatically reduced in intensity, but they rarely happen again. This example is fairly typical, although no treatment can guarantee results.

Craniopathy as we practice it here was developed by Laurence Layne from the work of Chiropractors Nephi Crainopathy on KidsCottam and Thomas T. Lake. These men used adjustive type techniques in the high-velocity Chiropractic model, which we turned into soft tissue release techniques. Craniopathy is similar in some ways to SET (Structural Energetic Technique) and Craniostructural Integration (Hancock), but owes less to SOT (Sacral Occipital Technique) than those therapies, and really is a direct adaptation of Cottam's and Lake's work. Craniopathy also includes what is called Endo-Nasal Therapy.

Craniopathy is a key component of our Sinus Treatment. In the Sinus Treatment, cranial and facial bones are released to open the sinuses. The whole-body lymphatic flow is also stimulated. Essential oils are used topically to help free the breathing passageways. General recommendations may be given for hydrotherapy, diet, or herbs to help lessen mucous production and congestion.




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