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Healing Energy and Touch

Engery Healing with Touch


Healing TouchCentered healing touch reestablishes the flow of energy, reduces pain, and physical & emotional stress. The "technique" is a conscious intentional process of sensing and/or directing energy through the hands to the client to create a flow of energy to areas in need of healing.

The effect is similar to acupuncture in that the flow and pulse of bio-electrical energy travels along the meridians of the body and neurological pathways to the cells. This energy is a concentrated in seven energy systems known as the Charkras or in the Western tradition as the energy portals of the endocrine system.

The goal is to balance and align the energy system in a benign and helpful way. Almost all people receiving healing energy and touch feel deep relaxation, and a sense of healing taking place.

The practitioners at our clinic combine several different healing modalities to balance energy. Science and clinical measurement has shown that biochemical and structural changes can take place through energy healing. Healing energy and touch can be used as a adjunct therapy or primary approach to healing.








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