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A Time and Place to Begin Your Healing Process  

Our services include herbal sales, research, public education and consultations. A herbal Taking a pulse in an herbal consultationconsultation is a time of personal one-on-one education with a certified clinical herbalist about herbal therapies. Family members may also be present during this time.

Assessment by a herbalist may include asking questions, taking a health history, taking the pulse, looking at the tongue or eyes, palpation of the tissues and structures of the body, and other wholistic methods.

The pulse reveals: how much energy the organs are receiving from the nervous system, and the state of high or low tone in the metabolism.

The tongue reveals: the nature and function of the digestive system, and if impaired, which part of the digestive system is either stressed or weakened.

Palpation reveals: tenderness or sensitivity in reflex points in the abdomen, intercostal region (Chapman’s Reflexes), and feet, and hands. Acupressure points on the abdomen, spine, and extremities are also used. Sensitive reflex points are indicators of energy blockages, structural misalignment, and abnormal function of the organs.

SET ALT TEXTOther methods of assessment can include: looking at the eyes and face for specific colors, basal temperature measurement, postural analysis, cranial rhythm and organ palpation, and urinalysis and blood tests under the guidance of a physician. Although we have training in muscle testing, we rarely use it.

Treatment is really patient education is which a range of potential herbs, foods and lifestyle changes are discussed with the client. The various ideas and methods of herbal healing we use are Healing Herbsdrawn from a synthesis of world systems including the Chinese, Native American, East Indian (Ayurvedic), European, American (Physiomedicalism), and folk healing traditions. This philosophy is called Planetary Herbology.

The client is not required to purchase herbal products and remedies from our store. Most of the time we carry what we recommend but we may send people to other sources for items we do not carry.

Goals of herbal therapy include balance of metabolism, increased energy and immune function, reduction of pain and symptoms, and a feeling of well-being. Herbal healing at our clinic is a wholistic and integrative process. The client by receiving an herbal consultation is taking a greater part in their health maintenance and is not a passive recipient of a treatment. This helps the client have a deeper understanding of the health and “dis-ease” process.

Herbal therapies are often enhanced by combining with other wholistic therapies like hydrotherapy, massage and hands-on healing, breathing techniques, and other methods. We encourage potential clients in the area to visit our clinic–there’s no charge to come in and ask questions. There are many informational articles about herbs and herbal therapies on our web site. These will greatly assist the reader in understanding what herbal healing is about and what we specifically offer as herbal therapy. Good beginning places include:

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