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Healing Water Bulk HerbsLargest Selection of Bulk Herbs in Northeast Florida

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Here at our Herb Shop You'll find:

  • Rare & hard to find herbs & natural remedies
  • Chinese patent remedies & Ayurvedic formulas
  • Custom blended herbal formulas
  • Herbal research & library
  • Specialty herb orders
  • Herbal research & library
  • We will fulfill recommendations by practitioners
  • Our own line of uniquely crafted herbal remedies
  • Herbal tonics & teas to go
  • We will ship herbs, teas, and products tight to your home

Herb We Carry:

  • Western Bulk Herbs
  • Chinese Bulk Herbs
  • Ayurvedic Herbs & Remedies
  • Chinese Patent Remedies
  • Herbal Extracts & Other Products
  • Essential Oils & Aromatherapy
  • Planetary Formulas
  • Edgar Cayce Products
  • Dr. Christopher's Formulas
  • Natural Healing Supplies
  • Children's Herbs & Formulas
  • Healing Waters Herbal Products
  • Herbal Remedies for Pets

Practitioner Services: Herbs, Nutrition

  • Herbal education/consultation
    • Personal time with an herbalist to help you better understand your health needs from the herbal perspective.
  • Nutritional consultation
    • Nutritional consultation by a licensed nutritionist for a variety of health concerns.
  • Vegetarian & Macrobiotic Lifestyle Education
    • Advice and education on the vegetarian and macrobiotic diets for those who would like to choose a healthier lifestyle. Other diets like the Ornish diet taken into consideration.
  • Resources & Support
    • Putting together a personalized healing program can be challenging for the lay person--we have the resources to help you begin your journey & can make appropriate referrals when necessary.

Tea Bar:

Where you can buy Herbal Tonics & Teas to go!

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Frequently Ask Questions

Your most FAQ answered by our staff and licensed therapists.

Holistic Medicine

Looking to improve your health and quality of life? Learn how to get started with wholistic medicine.

Natural Herb Shop

Our natural remedies are selected by our herbalist to ensure the highest quality. Check out this month’s featured herb.