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Herbal Therapies are external applications of herbs to the body to affect metabolism and body Heabal Therapy Treatmentsbalance. Some of these therapies are done in our clinic, others we teach the patient to do at home.

Examples of herbal therapies include:

Herbal Creams and LotionsHerbal Poultices – application of moistened, ground or macerated herbs to a body part to encourage healing or circulation to the part.

Herbal Pack – similar to a poultice, an herbal pack is an herbal extract, herbal mixture, or oil soaked into a bandage or applied directly on the body and covered by a hot pack.

Herbal Fomentation – specifically a towel or cloth soaked in herbal tea and applied to the body for a short period of time.

Clay packs – betonite or green clay applied to the body for healing purposes. Herbs or essential oils are sometimes mixed with the clay. A clay pack can be left on for several hours or over night.

Castor Oil Packs – castor oil is soaked in a cloth, applied to body, and covered by a hot pack. Castor oil packs help detoxify the organs and heal tissues. This is an old time folk remedy recommended by Edgar Cayce.

Hand and Foot BathsHand and Foot Baths – soaking the hands or feet in water extracts of herbs for therapeutic benefit. Example: hot mustard foot bath for colds and flu.

Herbal Baths – whole body soaking in bath water in which herbal tea has been added. Example: strong concentrate of yarrow tea added to bath for cleansing.

Herbal Salves – herbal mixtures extracted in oil and made into salves; applied to body for drawing out toxins or healing tissues.

Linaments – usually alcohol or mineral oil extracts of herbs used to rub on painful areas on the body. Example: Chinese formula Dit Dat Jiao applied to the body to heal from martial arts injuries.

Essential Oils for HealingEssential Oils – are oil-like extracts of plants that are highly volatile, concentrated, and aromatic. The therapeutic use of essential oils is sometimes called aromatherapy. Essential oils are applied in packs, baths, salves, clay packs, by massage, or diffused for olfactory stimulation.

Herbal Oils – herbs extracted in oils and applied to body for healing. Example: Gotu kola extracted in oil and applied to head for the healing of the mind and the nervous system.

Ear Candling – ear candling is a therapy used to help bring a sense of relaxation to the body. We offer this service at a patient's request. Sometimes herbs are added to ear candles.

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