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How Herbs Can Heal

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Herbs are part of Mother Nature. She made them because our bodies needed a little extra help with viruses, bacterium, and health issues. All herbs have properties that give the body a boost when it needs it.

For example, ginger is helpful for an upset stomach; however, it works for sea sickness as well and deals with morning sickness. You can drink it as a tea, make it into a tincture, or add it to your food. Either way you take it, you receive the healing properties of ginger.

It’s the same with all herbs such as plantain, basil, rosemary, lemon balm, and other herbs that are added to food. The recipes that were handed down through the ages were done so because they had healing herbs in them, not because they tasted good. Although, they do taste good.

Adding herbs to your diet gives it a boost when you need it such as with the flu, viruses, or a bacterium you picked up. Adding herbs to your food does more than making it taste good. You receive the healing properties of the herb.

With the manufacture age that came about in the 1940 and 50s is the reason there are so many syndrome in the world today. They grow the food so fast and put so much chemicals into them, not to mention picking them way too early, they no longer have the nutrients in them the body requires to fight off every illness that comes around.

Adding herbs to your diet will help keep you healthy and take care of some of the problems living has brought to your body. Problems like arthritis, gout, kidney, acne, and other problems you might be suffering from. The best way to get these healing powers is to learn what herbs can help with any problem your body is suffering from.

That’s what Healing Waters Clinic is all about -- Educating you, so you can heal your body and keep your family healthy. All herbs can be added to recipes, any meal, made into tea or used in your medicine cabinet.

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