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More Than Just a Hot and Cold Packs


Hydrotherapy is the therapeutic use of hot and cold water to influence circulation. Sometimes called water therapy, or water cure, hydrotherapy has scientifically proven healing effects on the whole body.

Water TherapyThe simplest forms of hydrotherapy are the application of hot packs to relax tight muscles and and ice packs to reduce inflammation and calm such traumas as sprains. But hydrotherapy is much more powerful than hot and cold packs!


Studies have shown that hydrotherapy can improve immune function, reduce lymphatic and fluid congestion, regulate metabolism, correct circulatory imbalances, promote tissue healing, and Influence thermoregulation

Some typical hydrotherapy applications we use at our clinic or teach people how to use at home include:

Hydrotherapy in the hands of a skilled therapist is a safe and effective way to help regulate physiological function, relieve pain, and promotes healing and relaxation.

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