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Myokinesthetic System

Nerve Treatment

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Myokinesthitics SystemThe Myokinesthetic System is a treatment method developed by Dr. Michael Uriarte, DC which stimulates muscles grouped by innervations. In other words, a particular nerve root is stimulated or sedated by treating all the muscles connected to it. For this reason we call it a "nerve treatment" at our office. This is particularly effective for numbness, tingling, and pain in the extremities, especially the hands and feet. Other conditions this technique has helped include headaches, vertigo, foot drop, stroke, neuropathies, neuralgias, and pain of all kinds.

At our office we often combine the Myokinesthetic System with Myofascial Release and Neuromuscular Therapy. In the case of Myofscial Release we can stretch nerves along with the fascia, thus relieving entrapments. We can also assist sedation of nerves by unwinding fascia. When we use Neuromuscular Therapy with the Myokinesthetic System we can inhibit high neurological activity caused by structural imbalance and increase blood flow to the tissues.









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