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Oriental Bodywork

Acupressure BackOriental Bodywork includes a number of massage techniques from China and Japan and assistive therapies known as Barefoot Doctor Techniques and Energy Exercises.

Acupressure -- use of fingers, thumbs, hands, and elbows to press on acupuncture points which are found on the "meridians" or channels of energy on the body. Acupressure also relaxes muscles, and improves organ function (Note: acupuncture and acupressure points are the same)

Shiatsu -- a type of acupressure from Japan, in which the meridians are pressed and rubbed in a rhythmic compression style with the heels of the hands, or thumbs and forefingers. When the feet and heels are used to press on back and limbs, this therapy is called Barefoot Shiatsu.

Pointing Therapy -- the thumb, first finger, and middle finger are used for tapping, like a bird's beak, on acupuncture points and on meridians. Sometimes a wooden instrument or massage tool is used to tap the points and an energy tingling can felt along the meridian pathway. Pointing Therapy is useful for moving blocked energy, neurological problems, and pain relief.

Oriental Abdominal Massage -- massage with hands and fingers on the abdomen which helps remove stagnation in the organs and promotes better metabolism and digestion. We practic abdominal techniques drawn from methods such as Ampuku, Chi Nei Tsang, and Macrobiotic Shiatsu.

Barefoot Doctor Techniques:

Moxabusiton -- is the burning of the herb Artemesia vulgaris or Artemesia argyii over acupuncture points which increases body energy, improves digestion, relieves pain, and removes stagnation.

Cupping -- cupping is the use of vacuum therapy i.e. suction cups to unblock stagnant areas in the tissues and organs–"pulls out" pain, helps eliminate colds, encourages the flow of energy.

Scraping (Gua Sha) -- the use of an instrument to scrap or friction tendons, ligaments, muscles, and reflex areas of the body to remove blockage of blood and energy–good not only for pain relief but also helps nerve and organ function.

Dermal Hammer -- is a springy plastic hammer about the size of a soda straw that is used to stimulate acupuncture meridians for pain relief and energy flow–this therapy is similar to pointing therapy i.e. instrument assisted tapotement (tapping) so we use both therapies interchangeably.

Energy Exercises:

Chi Kung and Tai Chi -- moving and static exercises combined with breath–Chi Kung and Tai ChiSET ALT TEXT move the energy or chi around the body in a smooth and unhindered way–this also helps unblock or "lubricate" the joints, promote vitality, boost the immune system, train the balance reflexes, and overall create a healthy environment in the body.

Do-In -- self acupressure massage, meridian stretching, and stimulation with tapping along the acupuncture channels–Do-In is similar to Chi Kung and Tai Chi but involves more manipulation.

Pranayama (Yogic Breathing) -- abdominal breathing exercises that improve breath capacity, increase energy, calm the mind, promote immune function, and helps remove nerve irritation.

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