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Forces in Nature

What is Polarity Therapy?

Energy fields are currents are invisible forces in nature.  They work on the same principle as radio waves and microwaves.  Therefore, Polarity Therapy is the flow and balance of good health through the use of energy fields.

You health is kept good through Mother Nature with the Polarity model for energy system function and energy flow without blockage or fixation.  That means when the body is blocking good energy flow it might cause you pain, stress related problems, and diseases.

Polarity Therapy seeks to find the blockages and release energy to normal flow patterns, and to maintain the Energy Field in an open, flexible condition.

Polarity Therapy is a complete health system involving energy-based bodywork, diet, exercise, and self-awareness. Scientifically, through the use of energy fields, electromagnetic patterns expressed in mental, emotional and physical experience, health is viewed as a reflection of the condition of these energy field. 







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