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Thank you so much for helping me. I have become so frustrated trying to find help for my back pain and my migraines. You’re awesome!
RP, Jacksonville, FL

After a few visits with Laurence, I no longer had cluster headaches and they never came back!
DS, St. Augustine, Florida

Magic Hands!

I have known and received treatment from Laurence for the past 20 years. He has focused his life on perfecting his art - he is professional and friendly. He is intuitive and seems to "know" what is out of balance as he works on the body. I call him "My Magic Man", because he diagnoses what is wrong and fixes it. I am never disappointed with my visits."‎ - Denise H.

God's Herbs!

Please send a refill of the herbs...In two weeks all past symptoms disappeared!
Genesis 1:29: And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed...

Dixie B.

Pain Free Today!

"It is my great pleasure to highly recommend Laurence Layne at Healing Waters Clinic as a massage therapist, energy healing expert and herbalist, among other things. Several years ago, I was sent to see a neurosurgeon at the Mayo Clinic for severe neck and back pain. In desperation, I sought out an alternative healing method. My search led me to Laurence and, with his thorough knowledge of the human body and his expert massage techniques, I am free from pain today. His touch is gentle and you can feel your body responding to his magic fingers for a most relaxing experience. The atmosphere of the clinic itself is professional, clean, cozy and private, and you are always welcomed with a smile."‎ - Bonnie A. ‎

Arm Injury Fixed!

"I've been seeing Laurence since March for an arm injury that wouldn't heal. It's now almost healed and I can actually use it again. He used combinations of massage and healing herbs to get it back in shape. I am truly impressed with the herbs he gave me. Who would have thought turmeric could reduce the swelling in my shoulder. I will recommend him to anyone who has an injury that won't heal. He's great!" - Karen W.‎

Knee Pain Totally Gone!

"I had excruciating knee pain when a friend who had gone to Laurence Layne previously recommended that I go to him for therapy. I was having difficulty driving my car (a manual transmission), and real pain getting in and out of the car. I couldn't even sleep through the night - much less go to my exercise classes. Mr. Layne was so professional and caring. I was really amazed at the amount of time he spent on understanding which movements caused me pain, and carefully working with my knee movements to alleviate the pain and increase my range of motion. Almost immediately, the pain was diminished and my ability to move normally increased. I saw Mr. Layne 7 times over a period of two and half months. Well before the last visit, the pain was completely gone. By the last visit, my range of motion was better than it had been in years. I'm convinced that I would have had to have knee surgery if not for Mr. Layne at Healing Waters. I highly recommend seeing him for any type of joint restriction or pain." - Debbra W.

He Saved My Career!

"This man absolutely saved my career (sign language interpreter). After telling doctors I would not go for surgery and having them give me medicine to try to ease rotator cuff pain, I visited Laurence. Within two visits I was out of pain and beginning to move my arm again. I realized his commitment to health and asked him to oversee mine. He is professional, knowledgeable,and patient. His approach to healing is holistic and I have never felt as though I were in better hands." - Maureen L.

Herbs Galore!

"Healing Waters is a great place to pick up that hard to find herb and also offers a wide variety of alternative healing materials. The prices are competitive and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They also do special orders." - Siobhan D.

Fantastic Hands!

"You have fantastic hands!" Dr. Maurice Ramirez, DO, PhD, osteopath, author, and expert on alternative medicine.

Testimonial for Spider Bite Tea Tincture

"I had fire ant bites on hands and ankles and Laurence gave me the spider bite tea tincture. Within 10 minutes the itching stopped, the swelling went down in 2 to 3 hours, and it healed up in 3 days. I used it for the entire time. It was great!" - Kevin H.

Amazing Salve

"Your Golden Healing Salve helped weeping sores on my dog's back. It healed them right up. It took 14 days and it hasn’t come back!” WMK

Medical Mystery

“I went to my primary care doctor about pain all over my body, but in different places… everything hurt from my head to my toes. Not at the same time but in different place like my left side one day and my right leg the next day. My doctor said it could be fibromyalgia or arthritis. I went to Healing Waters Clinic and spoke to Laurence about what my doctor said about my pain. He did some stuff that he calls osteopathy. While I still have some pain in my body, it is much improved. I also plan on seeing him for other issues with my body.” LR


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